Precision, Patience, Persistence

Roasting coffee is an art in itself. To convert a small green seed to a perfect cup- ready roasted bean is a meticulous job that requires precision, patience and persistence.

Sussegado Coffees are roasted on traditional drum roasters in small batches. Every roast cycle is different, hence full attention and dedication is required to bring out the best the coffee has to offer.

“The secret is in the beans, one just has to know how to unleash it.”

Tips for your next Cup

Preferably buy whole coffee beans instead of grounds. The fresher the coffee grounds, the better the brew…

Keep your coffee in an airtight container to preserve its aroma and freshness.

Using “medium roast” coffee beans will require less sugar and/or milk in your coffee. It will offer more aroma(s) and reveal the true character of the bean.

Cold coffee can be a very pleasant and refreshing drink if you brew it from quality beans. Try it with a dash of honey!

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