Our Story

Mrs. Devika Dutt, MD of Sussegado Coffee India Pvt. Ltd. and an avid coffee consumer, has an amazing story about coffee. Devika with her husband decided to retire from the financial world in 2010 and leave behind the business in Singapore. They opted to move to Goa and open a small café where they would freshly roast coffee. Fast forward to August 2016, the couple live in Goa, not retired. They are busier than ever, and the small café became the DEVI brand, the fastest growing premium Indian coffee brand.

Today, Sussegado Coffee products and DEVI Coffee is available across the country and abroad. The green coffee beans are sourced from the leading estates in India and from overseas. The company is rapidly growing, and fast becoming the preferred brand among coffee connoisseurs.

Did you know?

The concept of Sussegado Coffee was conceived during a holiday to Goa in December 2010, after Devika and her husband were served black water that claimed to be coffee at a five star hotel. The company’s logo was hand drawn on a napkin and in July 2011 the company was incorporated. Sussegado is the favorite Goan – Portuguese term that means “take it easy”.

The company commenced roasting on a custom made drum roaster that was imported from Europe. Soon after the coffee was marketed to local stores and restaurants in Goa.

The first batch of coffee that was roasted at Sussegado Coffee, was 1kg of Arabica Peaberry Coffee from Coorg. The batch is still kept today at the company’s HQ.

After a year of coffee estate visits, thousands of coffee cuppings and tastings, and almost a year of not sleeping, the company’s coffee line was assembled. It truly represents the very best of coffee that India has to offer. The company prides itself in competing with the top foreign coffee brands, and continuously wining over customers.

The DEVI brand and logo is derived from Devika’s name, combined with two elephants, after her husband saw a wild elephant roaming the coffee plantation one early morning in the hills of Karnataka.

Sussegado Coffee today offers over fifty types of Indian coffees, majority which are single estate, premium coffees. The company is the first company in Asia to offer whisky, rum, and tequila barrel aged coffees. DEVI coffees have two broad categories: pre-packed retail packs and a specialty coffee range that can be custom ground or purchased as whole beans. Devika and her husband are very much involved in every aspect of the business, it is very personal, after all, her name is on every pack.

The first in-store sampling of Sussegado Coffee products was done by the duo personally in September 2013. The company’s sales grew over 300% next month. Since January 2016, Sussegado Coffee products and the DEVI brand are found in all gourmet stores across the country. DEVI coffee is the preferred choice of many of the 5 star hotels in India.

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