Know your Coffee
Before you buy your next bag of coffee, you need to ask yourself; what is it that you really want in your coffee?
Do you like it bold and strong, or mellow and smooth? Or perhaps a blend and mix of all of these things. Read on and become an educated consumer.

1 Type

It all starts with the selection of the coffee beans. What do you prefer? A Robusta with a strong body, or a more aromatic Arabica. Perhaps a blend of the two. Sussegado Coffee’s DEVI Kaapi Royal is a 100% Indian Robusta and is considered to be among the top Robusta Coffees in the world.

2 Origin

Coffee is grown across the globe, from Asia to Africa, and from the Americas to Papua New Guinea. The origin of the coffee determines its most characteristic attribute – its flavor. Indian grown coffees are known for their rich aroma and broad flavour. Sussegado Coffee offers the complete range of award winning Indian coffees, and many of the best World coffees.

3 Grade

AAA, AA, AB, and so on. The grade of the coffee has an important role during the roasting process. The various letters refer to the size and the quality of the green coffee beans. A whole coffee bean versus a broken one will contain a more complete flavour and display the true taste of the coffee. DEVI Mysore Nuggets is a AAA Arabica, considered as the number one coffee in India, and amongst the very best coffees in the world.

4 Roast

One can have the best grade coffee from the best coffee estates in India or the world, but to unleash the flavours of the green bean, it has to be roasted. From light to medium, and medium to dark, various coffees get different roast. If a coffee is roasted too dark, it loses a lot of its aroma. A medium roast often ensures a balanced cup with rich nuances. Sussegado Coffee offers all the roast profiles based on customer’s requirements.

5 Grinding

Without grinding the coffee, it would be hard to brew it (if not impossible). The size of the ground coffee particles greatly influences the end result of the brew. For example, espresso brewing method requires a fine grind. Turkish coffee preparation an even finer grind. However, for filter coffee or the French Press brewing, a medium course grind will produce the best cup. It is important that the right grounds are used when brewing your coffee. At Sussegado Coffee, customers can choose any coffee to be ground to their preference.

6 Brewing

Finally, you have selected your coffee beans, got the right roast and grind profile and are ready to brew. Make sure you always use fresh water. It will improve your coffee. If brewing in a French Press, do not over boil the water, and do not let the grounds soak for too long, (3 – 5 minutes usually does it). It is equally important that you use the correct measurement of coffee to water ratio. 10g – 14g of coffee to 180 ml of water, or 7g for a single espresso is a good guide to follow.

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