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Coffee plays an important role in billions of people's lives daily. At Sussegado Coffee we love our job! Transforming this raw green seed into a product that helps people start their day, accompanies them during small breaks, and is shared with friends and family, that's what gives us our motivation and inspires us to be the best!
About Devi Coffee
DEVI Coffee is India's leading gourmet and specialty coffee brand offering over forty types of coffee; all of them top selections and winners of many tasting awards. Indian coffees are amongst the finest in the world, and DEVI is the only brand to offer you an award winning selection from all twelve major coffee regions of India; as well as the three Indian national specialty coffees. Its offering includes rare and unique blends, as well as a selection of world coffees freshly roasted at its facility in Goa. DEVI coffee is available in pre-packed packs of 100g, 200g and 250g in gourmet stores and retail chains across the country and via several online shopping portals. Specialty ‘custom packed’ DEVI coffees are available at live DEVI coffee counters where customers can select their choice of beans and have it ground freshly as per their specific requirements. Sussegado Coffee India Pvt. Ltd., based in Goa, owns the DEVI brand and this is where the coffee beans are roasted in small batches, in special European drum roasters. DEVI takes pride in delighting its customers with the widest selection of the most freshly roasted, highest quality coffee, completely natural, with no artificial flavours or additives, at great value.

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